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Below we answer some of the most frequently asked questions, see if we have answered yours to save yourself the time of contacting us. If you don't see your answer below, send us an email to support@mobilitybuyers.com and we'll be in touch asap.

Q. What payment method's do we use?

A. Payments will be made in cash for local collections at the time we arrange to collect your equipment, we will provide you with a written receipt to sign. For customers outside our local area we use PayPal prior to collection.

Q. How long will it take?

A. The process from your initial enquiry, to our collection and payment will usually take 2 -3 working days. This may vary depending on your availability for our suggested collection date and any unforeseen forces of nature, i.e. weather, but we will keep you fully informed at every stage.

Q. Would I get more if I sold privately?

A. We will pay you what we consider to be a fair and competitive price. You MAY be able to receive a better price from a private sale, but that may involve advertising costs, and often spending time seeing and haggling with several buyers. We will make a good offer that eradicates all the hassle of making a private sale.

Q. Will you pick up my equipment?

A. Yes, we will arrange collection from your premises.

Q. What will you NOT Buy?

A. We will not buy equipment that is sanitary use for human waste, we will not buy built-in equipment that needs professional removal, or equipment that cannot be collected via normal courier van collection. We will not collect equipment that has damage that was not notified at the time our quotation offer was made, or equipment that is not full owned, i.e. that is subject to existing credit agreements that are still in force.

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